XRP Classified as 'Digital Currency' by Goldman Sachs


Regardless and how long Gary Gensler wants to drag his feet and regulate by enforcement, Ripple is making moves. and friends We all know that XRP is leading the charge with ISO 20022, which leaves it at the forefront in changing the face of the cross-border payment system.

To add to the bullish narrative, banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs has cited Ripple as an opportunity in payments. And they classified XRP as a digital currency. That alone is a big win for Ripple.

That's not the only big win this week. Every year, Inc. releases a list of 5,000 companies, which acts as a ranking of the fastest growing companies in the country. And it's a pretty big deal to make the count. Anyway, they know the real deal when they see it and XRP has been recognized for their effort.

Now, let's hope the positive momentum continues for a project that could change the standard of finance as we know it.

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