2 Million ENS domain names created on Ethereum


The Ethereum Name Service set a new record today. The number of name and lookup service registrations has crossed two million. The most exciting thing about said achievement is how rapidly the service has evolved over the past few months.

Ethereum Name Service
Source: DYORspot.com

ens.eth tweeted and reported that they have completed the creation of 2 million ethereum name service domains. They further pointed out that it took 5 years to complete 1 million names while it took only 3.5 months to reach 2 million mark, adding that "this is just the beginning".

Ethereum Name Services (ENS) domains skyrocketed in July as the project saw the biggest monthly increase in revenue. The Ethereum Name Service, most popularly known as ENS, describes itself as a Web3-friendly, decentralized protocol that concatenates complex strings of alphanumeric machine-generated characters to human-friendly names.

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