Donald Trump's NFT Collection Sold Out In 12 Hours For $4.45M


Over 45,000 NFTs were sold out in about 12 hours, resulting in $4.45 million raised at $99 a piece, with nearly 14,000 people purchasing one or more of the online tokens, according to OpenSea data.

Donald Trump's NFT

According to the Opensea data, the collection’s trading volume is about 2012 ETH or $2378175. The floor price, which is the lowest price in a collection, is 0.22 ETH or $260 dollars, more than double the original $99 it sold for. Some cards are selling for much higher prices. At the time of writing this post last highest sale was 6ETH or $7092.

Trump Digital Trading Cards total 45,000 items are on Polygon Blockchain with Contract Address : "0x24a11e702cd90f034ea44faf1e180c0c654ac5d9" with 10% Creator fee.

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