Andrew Tate Advice to Get Rich with Crypto


According to kickboxer, entrepreneur, and internet sensation Andrew Tate, now is the time to panic and start buying as much bitcoin as possible. Tate argues that it's not too late to start investing in cryptocurrency, even though the market has already seen some significant spikes. He advises people to stick to the basics – Ethereum and Bitcoin – and to avoid chasing pump and dumps.

Andrew Tate

Tate believes that if people make a bunch of money now and invest it correctly, they have the opportunity to retire from the "matrix" of work in just three years. He argues that now is the time to buy cryptocurrency, as it will help regular people like you and me escape the matrix and make the most of the current economic climate.

Tate has been following the cryptocurrency market for a while and was one of the first to call out Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the now collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, as a fake and a phony. According to Tate, Bankman-Fried was just a "dork who wanted to be powerful and influential," and his frugal lifestyle and philanthropic claims should have been seen as red flags.

Tate warns that most of the "dumb money" has already left the market, and that people should be cautious of those who seem too frugal or philanthropic. He advises people to make money in the real world and invest it correctly in order to have the opportunity to retire from the "matrix" of work.

Overall, Tate's message is clear: now is the time to panic and start buying as much bitcoin as possible. By following his advice and sticking to the basics, you can position yourself to retire from work in just three years and escape the matrix for good.

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