AAVE blocked the address of Justin Sun Tron


As we told earlier AAVE is reportedly blocking addresses linked to Tornado Cash. Who knows Justin Sun will be the next to get blocked by AAVE. Justin Sun is a Chinese cryptocurrency entrepreneur, and business executive. He is the founder of Tron blockchain DAO ecosystem.

AAVE Blocked Justin Sun Tron
Source: DYORspot.com

Justin Sun is officially blocked by AAVE because someone sent 0.1 eth randomly from TornadoCash to him. Justin Sun Mention Stani Kulechov (Founder and CEO @ Aave) in his tweet.

@0xfoobar trolled TRM Labs narcware and said "So who's going to send tornado eth to Stani Kulechov".

He also added "The real solution is to find the addresses of anyone working for TRM Labs narcware and send them tornado dust.

Make 'em dogfood their own product."

👉 Update - 1:02 PM · Aug 14, 2022 (IST)

Justin Sun Tweeted his Aave Account is Unblocked and he shout-out to ceo @StaniKulechov.

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